Thursday, June 21, 2012

Volk Industrial Paint Markers

Volk Ultra Print Industrial Paint Markers are a cost effective alternative to the pricier "brand name" paint markers on the market.

Always in stock and available in a wide array of colors, Volk Industrial Paint Markers offer the following:

  • Industrial oil based paint for permanent marking
  • 10 Intense, fast drying, high visibility colors
  • Precision valve action regulates paint flow
  • Replaceable, Extra Long Bullet nib
  • Use on metal, rubber, plastic, textiles, ceramics, glass, cement and more
  • Temp. range -5 to 125 degrees F
  • Contains 25% more paint than the competition (Such as Sanford PX-20, Diagraph, Dykem, etc.)
Visit our site today and try these markers out for yourself.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pilot B2P Pens

Hi there. Can we talk? It's Liza, one of the darling Customer Service Reps at Volk Corporation.

I'd like to take this opportunity to make a little confession to you. I love pens. I just adore them. With the onslaught of laptops and tablets and social media and email, the art of penmanship is long since lost. I'm not even sure my 14 year old daughter knows how to write in cursive. It's sad to me. I grew up writing in those black and white marble front composition books. Probably angsty poetry and poorly spelled love letters...sorry, off the point.

Anyway, I just can't resist a good pen. And this pen, the one right up there, is probably one of the NICEST pens I have ever written with. It is the perfect thickness, writes smooth as all get out, it's refillable AND the case is recycled. You can buy a dozen of these and feel so much better about the case of bottled water the kids go through every weekend. You're just helping to make more of these amazing pens.

The Pilot B2P pen is available in many different point sizes and colors, and our prices on them are great. Trust me, as someone who still insists on writing everything by hand, these pens are wonderful. And the ink lasts a really long time too. So lets refresh: Long Lasting, Great Prices, Good for the Environment, Angsty Poetry, smooth writing. It's so worth giving these pens a chance. But I warn you, once you discover them, you may never go back to your regular old clear stick pens again.

For more information, or to puchase your very own dozen of these awesome pens, and maybe a few notebooks to write love letters to-do lists, visit our website at

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tweet With Us

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2243 Canode Die Spotting Ink

One of our most highlighted and requested products is our 2243 Canode Die Spotting Ink. What makes this product so unique is that it is completely water soluble. The majority of layout or marking fluids on the market are oil based and require a solvent to remove. But with our Canode it will wash clean without a hassle and without residue. The 2243 Canode Die Spotting Ink is available in several colors. Blue is the most popular in the industry, but it also comes in yellow, red and orange.

We offer a variety of sizes and pricing options for your convenience. Stop by our website today and have a look.