Monday, August 20, 2012

The end of another great Shark Week

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Discovery Channel's Shark Week. The most popular week of the year for that station. I have to believe that their ratings are higher than ever during this one week a year where they focus on the amazingly beautiful sea creatures.

I personally have always been enamored of sharks. Specifically Great White sharks. I mean let's be honest, go big or stay home right?

Anyway, every year Discovery Channel brings us special programming centered around sharks and most of the country lives for it. Though the last few years have been a little disappointing. Mostly rerun shows appeared, with perhaps a new collection of shark attack victims being rounded up and paraded in front of the camera.

Not this year though. Woo buddy! They went all out for their anniversary edition. New MythBusters, new shows about how the movie Jaws changed the world, and new Air Jaws, my very favorite of all of the shows featured on Shark Week.

There is something just hypnotising about watching a creature that is 14 feet long and weighs 3000 pounds launching itself out of the water at 25 miles per hour (30 G-Force for any of my fellow nerds who watched this on the edge of their seats.) to devour poor little seals. Great White's are vicious, cold, calculating creatures and to see them shoot up in the air and do a complete flip to crash back into the water with the grace of an Olympic Diver is a sight to behold.