Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Every Day

I have always been a fan of the phrase "Earth Day Every Day." Not just because it is my birthday. (Oh, thank you so much!) But I am also a fan of taking care of the planet. As the mother of two children I find that I want to leave a better world for them. Anything that we can do to help reduce our carbon footprints is a help to the environment. And honestly, it is so easy.

With the abundence of recycled items available today, it is easier (and cheaper) than ever to help out this world of ours. Gone are the days when recycled paper meant a dingy looking, rough feeling thing that no one wanted to deal with. Recycling has progressed into an industry that rivals the brand new, and often exceeds it.

I talk about "Green" products a lot here on the blog. But that is because I am always amazed at the items that can be made from recycled materials. Below I have a sampling the wide array of recycled items that are available on our website.

Hey, the more you recycle yourself, the more awesome products I can showcase for you.

Color Code your paperwork with these stylish hanging folders.

Measure Twice With this Recycled Ruler

Cut Once with these Recycled Scissors

Lime Green and Black Recycled Binder. Very Sharp.
"Green" Mousepad anyone?
You could outfit your entire office in stylish, recycled products from our website. For more information on any of the products above, they conveneintly link to their information pages. Just click the pictures and visit our website to purchase these items or find more recycled office supplies to Green up your office.