Monday, April 15, 2013

Gifts for the Hardest Working Ladies in your Office

Next Wednesday is Administrative Proffesionals Day here in the US. Or, for those of us not bogged down in the big feminist movement, Secretaries Day.

As a glorified secretary myself, I feel this day is the day that the bosses should shower us with appreciation and possibly even gifts for all of the grunt work we do all year. Sure, sure, we get a paycheck. But a little extra something is always welcome.

Personally, if I were to come in and find a nice, tasteful, card and any of the following items on my desk I would be thrilled beyond belief. It doesn't take much to show us paper-pushers of the world that you value us and the work we do for you everyday.

If you're looking for some ideas on what to get for the Administrative Staff, Secretaries, Operators, Reps, whatever you'd like to call the women who answer phones, type orders, sort, file, type, dictate, enter your data, plan your trips, balance your ledgers, schedule your appointments and help you dodge telemarketers you have no interest in talking to, consider one (or all) of the following items as a special thank you on this day invented to honor them.

16" Laptop Bag - Can conveniently hold any or all of the items below

Executive Pen and Pencil Set
Pink Faux Leather Portfolio
Red Heel Tape Dispenser

Diamond Pop-Up Sticky Note Dispenser

One Touch Stapler with Pink Accents

As always, all of the above items can be found on our website at Click each item to be taken conveniently to the purchase pages.